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Password Safe 3.13


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Password Safe 3.13  Änderung der Registrierung

Password Safe 3.13 Release Notes - May 2008

This note describe the new features, fixed bugs and known problems
with the latest versions of Password Safe. For a short description of
Password Safe, please see the accompanying README.txt file. For more
information on the product and the project, please visit Details about changes to older
releases may be found in the file ChangeLog.txt.

Bugs fixed in 3.13
[1941360] Rename with F2 now enables Save button.
[1940311] Password Policy now ignores length requirements if not applicable.
[1938057] Non-Latin text now correctly exported to plain text file.
[1926678, 1937293,1939294] Reduce GDI object leaks that cause display problems
during hibernation, screen locking and remote access.
[1914433] It is now possible to view the password policy set for an
individual entry, by shift-clicking on the checked Override Policy
checkbox. A tooltip explaining this is shown when relevant.
[1904391] Many functions, e.g., cancelling a rename of an entry,
inter-instance Drag & Drop, no longer collapse the entire tree.
[1904254] Non-text fields (e.g., time) are not shown in Advanced
Search, as they are not searched.
[1900655] Compare advanced subset now applies to current and comparison
[1899876] Fixed title/user problem when opening v1.7 databases.
[1598836] Correct treeview now displayed after restore from timeout lock.
[1478022] Correct description of this fix in the Release Notes to avoid
user confusion thinking it does something different.
[] Ensure first entry is selected when opening an existing database.
[] XML export of password history fixed for when number to be saved > 99.
[] Fix incorrect lock file handling during SaveAs.

Changes to Existing Features in 3.13
[] Improved compare database reporting.
[] Copying an empty field to the clipboard now emptied the clipboard
(previously, no action was performed).

New Features for 3.13
[1914644] Password expiry can now be set as an (optionally repeating)
interval. This is indicated in the List view by an asterisk after the
expiry date.
[1904254] Find now searches all text fields by default.
[1901380] Find result highlighted and selected.
[1901380] If the Esc key is not being used to minimize PasswordSafe, then
it will close the Find Toolbar.
[1901380] F3 (Repeat Find) works even if the Find Toolbar has been closed.
[1887159] PasswordSafe may be configured to open databases 'Read-only' by
default. This can still be overriden during open if the file itself
is not read-only.
[1664535] Interpret "Remember 0 last databases" on the System Options as
"do not store any opened database".
[1399569, 912188] Separate the clear clipboard options on minimize and exit.
[1207606] Notes may optionally be shown as tooltips.
[988806] The Status Bar now provides Feedback on double click actions.
[] Alt+F4, in addition to Ctrl+Q, now closes the application.
[] Allow user to Hide/Show main toolbar.
[] Ability to create/view a report of the previous Find request.

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