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Notepad++ 4.3.0


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Notepad++ 4.3.0  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Fix the crash bug due to the corrupted configuration file (config.xml and session.xml).
  • Fix the crash bug while the shortcut command is absent in shortcut.xml.
  • Fix the file status auto-detection bug : a unwanted selection after a pop-up dialog.
  • Enhance Styler Configurator : the visual effect is updated immediately while the setting is changing.
  • Add Global override feature (in Styler Configurator).
  • Fix the bold/italic/underline refresh problem in Stylers Configurator for Scintilla component.
  • Add hide lines feature (Menu : View->Hide lines).
  • Add new capacity (optional setting in Preferences dialog : Backup/Auto-completion tab) to trigger Auto-Completion(Function Completion or Word completion) automatically .
  • The set languages in session are remembered now.
  • Fix the Move down current line bug.
  • Add the start up with no plugins feature (command line : notepad++ -noPlugins).
  • Fix the display file type bug on the status bar while switching between the files.

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