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Notepad++ 2.7


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Notepad++ 2.7  Änderung der Registrierung

  • A regular expression's find/replace bug is fixed.
  • A folding status' bug is fixed.
  • The bug of saving file while displaying as UTF-8 is fixed.
  • The horizontal scrollbar bug is fixed.
  • The auto-completion for User Define Language is supported.
  • 2 Delimiter Groups are added in the User Language Define System.
  • 2 functionalities are added - to Upper case and to lower case.
  • "Go to matching brace" feature is added.
  • Marcro Recording and playing features are added.
  • A "Replace All" bug is fixed, as well the "Replace All" performance are optimized.
  • Add new menu item "Open All Recent File".
  • File Auto-detection is configurable now.
  • A file name separation problem is fixed.
  • Checking of Recent file list at launch time is able to disable now.
  • The crash because of column mode selection is corrected.

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