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Kaspersky Antivirus Beta  Änderung der Registrierung

- 18411 Statistics: The counter for blocked objects is not displayed for WebAV...
- 18582 Dialog is not pretty when the password was not correct upon deinstall
- 19456 Impossible to use environmental variables in Distribution Path
- 19478 Missing several General Events when not all components are signature updated
- 19479 Retranslation errors do not show as needed
- 20082 GUI, XP64: on Logonscreen missing our notification icon
- 20086 Activation:Incorrect error message, when activating program with a keycode
- 20099 Activation routine returns ERR_BAD_KEY, if the server is not available for some reason
- 20101 Vista: need to rename the folder to Kaspersky Lab
- 20114 Updater task settings are not properly saved
- 20116 The button add to trusted modules list is not blocked PDM: AIC
- 09065 (MP1) Q&B: during suspicious object detection a backup copy is not made
- 18696 Vista64. Help, PDM: Missing help entries for new PDM version
- 19192 HELP: incorrect description about archive processing
- 19288 RD: New window to select a recording device. Show "duplicated devices".
- 19380 Asking to translate into to proper russian (from technical) PDM message - (see attached image)
- 19637 Missing automatic NetAgent startup after the restart
- 19899 Updating to new drivers the Rollback option is available
- 19932 Anti-Spam XP64: impossible to train on Outlook Express emails
- 19953 AntiDialer: dials with program SPDIALER are not detected
- 19964 OAS: Starting up "Specific" application, OAS task fails to pause
- 19994 Updater: Usage of previous logon/password combination, when the option disabled...
- 20027 Several tmp files appear in AppData - KasperskyLab with Self-Defense enabled
- 20080 PDMv2, Help: Incorrect option description "Control System User Accounts"
- 20127 Crash of avp.exe under XP
- 20130 TZ: Adding application into TrustedZone from the balloon, does not take URL as an argument
- 20135 AS: Office 2007: pressing ctrl+alt+delete the email is automatically marked as spam
- 20141 x64: Crash during installation
- 20143 VISTA: Freezes during deinstall
- 20159 VISTA: Process inshelp freezes during install
- 20173 Installer: Upgrading via an AdminKit, the conents of components is not imported
- 20174 Installer: Upgrading via an AdminKit, the contents of tasks is not imported
- 17613 Strange logic when working together with WSC ("Spyware and other malware protection")
- 14819 PIW misses hotkeys
- 15663 Inccorect topic in the email Notification...
- 20165 updater: new server selection after install and file updating
- 20172 Updater: File black.lst does not automatically load
- 19828 Updater: ~90% CPU load, during the updating process
- 19671 Updater: Missing a proxy on the network - causes an error to always appear in reports
- 19693 Incorrect error message, if proxy authorization fails
- 19931 (VISTA) Troubles registering miscr3.dll correctly
- 20103 Error when registering module 1904 om XP
- 20154 Strange MessageBox on Vista64
- 20164 updater: file auto resumes, if connection drops
- 20193 Crash in module tm.ppl
- 15396 RD: Updater settings
- 20184 NetAgent crashes on Vista

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