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- Support of the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 operating system has been added.
- Support of Microsoft Office 2010 has been added.
- Support of the Thunderbird 3.0 mail client has been added.
- The incorrect display of the status of a detected threat (encountered if the object containing the threat is deleted manually before it is deleted by the application) has been fixed.
- The incorrect display of an object in the list of detected threats after it is deleted, has been fixed.
- The display of the status of a detected threat in interactive mode after it is added to exclusions, has been fixed.
- The errors in the display of the computer protection status in the main application window have been fixed.
- The problem of increased load on the CPU and operating system hang occurring when updating the application, has been fixed.
- The conflict with torrent clients has been resolved.
- The information actualization error in the Quarantine window occurring when taking actions on objects (such as restoring, adding, and deleting an object, or clearing the storage area) has been fixed. Previously, the user had to close and then open again the Quarantine window to update the information.

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