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jetAudio 8.0.0


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jetAudio 8.0.0  Änderung der Registrierung

  • New video window display modes:
    • Show always / Show only when playing / Attached
    • Album art / Spectrum display in Video window when playing music
    • Spectrum display in Lyric window
    • New file association method for Windows Vista/7
    • Supports subtitle with DXVA decoding
    • Enhanced skins
    • Supports FLV/MKV formats for video conversion
    • Added General Presets for video conversion
    • Shows <My Computer> in Playlist window
    • Fixed many bugs/suggestions posted in our forum (thanks to the postings)
  • Multi-sort in Playlist window
  • Enhanced context menus of Playlist/Video window
  • Added DVD Pal/NTSC for video conversion
  • Supports Crossfade for mono
  • Fixed video window resizing for EVR
  • Fixed WAV playback (GSM codec)
  • Fixed OSD (Music) opacity
  • Transparent spectrum background in Media Center (set SpectrumColor_Back / SpectrumColor_Dot as -1)
  • All Default skin sources included (only jsc files)

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