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jetAudio 6.0.0


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jetAudio 6.0.0  Änderung der Registrierung

Enhanced Audio Experience

  • 32bit Audio Processing
  • BBE MP and BBE ViVA Sound Effect *
  • Synchronized Lyric Support for WMA, OGG files
  • EQ and Low-pass/High-pass/Band-rejection filters while Recording *
  • Silence Detector for Recording *
  • Dynamic Limiter *
  • Dynamic Range Control (DRC) *
  • Supports LRC format
  • New X-Surround Mode
  • Supports Windows Media 9's high-definition and multichannel sound
  • Support Windows Media 9's new encoding features
  • Automatic Lyric search (Korean only)

Enhanced Video Experience

  • Supports Windows Media 9's high-definition and multichannel sound
  • Supports VMR9 (Video Mixing Renderer 9) of DirectX 9
  • Supports OGM (Ogg Media) file formats **
  • Supports MKV (Matrovky) file formats **
  • User can display Properties dialog box of DirectShow filters during playback.
  • "No Border" option of Video Window
  • Enhanced On-Screen Control
  • Transparency options for Subtitle
  • Adjust video screen (Zoom-in, Zoom-out, Move) in Full-Screen mode

Enhanced Internet Broadcast

  • OGG Format Broadcasting
  • Supports registration to Shoutcast server (for MP3 format only)
  • Private broadcast (for MP3/OGG format)
  • Changeable Metadata string format
  • Crossfading when Next button is pressed
  • Fade-in/Fade-out when microphone button is pressed.
  • Microphone Monitoring
  • Supports Station Homepage / XML status report (for MP3/OGG format)

Additional Tools

  • Audio Trimmer *
    Audio Mixing Recorder

Other New Features

  • Enhanced Sound2Vision
  • OSD (On-Screen Display)
  • Resume after Stop
  • Crossfading when Next/Previous track button is pressed
  • Program Mode is back !
  • Print function is back !
  • Transfer tag when Converting
  • Write tag when Ripping

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