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  • Added: Parsing of the Joliet filesystem (in addition to the existing UDF/ISO9660 parsing) for pin pointing the file where a read error is occuring.
  • Added: Ability to have the program use erase/format commands where DVD-RAM and BD-RE disc then give their full capacity to the user data area and do not keep any \'spare areas\' for error recovery. (Potentially useful for PS3)
  • Added: A little \'Erase\' button to the main screen for easy access to disc formatting/erasing functions.
  • Added: Support for images with a 2332 byte sector size (Easy CD Creator v5 ?)
  • Added: Support for converting a few additional image formats over to the correct format for burning to DVD (Mode1/2048).
  • Added: Import / Export of \'Automatic Write Speed\' configuration.
  • Added/Changed: If Build mode detects the file \'I386\\NTLDR\', it will automatically enable the ISO9660/Joliet options to allow file names without extensions.
  • Changed: When files/folders are dragged + dropped into the source list in Build mode, they\'re now added to the MRU list - but only if 8 or less items are added at a time.
  • Changed: When files added to the source list in Build mode via the \'Browse for file\' button, they\'re now added to the MRU list - but only if 8 or less items are added at a time.
  • Fixed: Browsing for (and opening) a file (especially in \'Verify\' mode) could fail due to some garbage being appended to the filename.
  • Fixed: A potential error when unlocking a volume from exclusive access when locking it had failed in the first place.
  • Fixed: File/folder names parsed from the ISO9660 file system could have garbage appended to them if there was no trailing null.
  • Fixed: Thread synchronisation issue where MD5 values might then be missing from the Log.
  • Fixed: The first cell in an angle block was being ignored and hence never shown in the \'Create Layer Break Position\' window. (The first should have been visible, but not the others)
  • Fixed: The program displayed the incorrect \'previous\' cell in layer break preview if the chosen cell followed one or more interleaved cells.
  • Fixed: UDF Filesystem didn\'t allow for the \';\' character in file names.
  • Fixed: The \'Don\'t Prompt VIDEO_TS Content\' option wasn\'t acutally using the answer specifed in the settings.
  • Fixed: The Filter Driver Load Order page was listing \'Upper Class Filters - [None Found]\' for an item that should have said \'Lower Class Filters - [None Found]\'.
  • Fixed: The wrong item in the Build mode MRU list could get deleted when the 16 item limit was reached. (Number 8 was deleted rather than number 16)

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