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ImgBurn  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Added: Much improved ISO (DVD Video) image double layer burning. The image is now parsed, the IFO file scanned and the \'seamless playback linked in PCI\' flag read/updated to find the best place for the layer break.
  • Added: Changing the volume label of an ISO image via the \'Tools\' menu will refresh the one displayed on the main screen if it\'s the same file.
  • Added: \'Device\' to the information area in ISO Write mode during burning.
  • Added: Alternative method of \'load/eject\' for drives that dont support \'immediate\' command execution.
  • Added: \'Display IFO Layer Break Information\' to new Context menu to \'Sectors\' label.
  • Added: Tooltip to log windows when the line the mouse is hovering over is too long to fit in the window. The tooltip contains the full line!
  • Added: Possible workaround for drives that randomly return \'Unknown\' for \'current profile\' that then leads to DVD+R/+RW discs not being finalised.
  • Added: Support for *.GCM images.
  • Added: Retries (10) to the \'CreateFile\' API call when doing the \'Search for SCSI / ATAPI Devices\' thing using SPTI as the I/O Interface.
  • Added: Log entry explaining in plain english that when you get a \'createfile failed!\' message in the log, it means the drive WILL NOT be visible in the program.
  • Added: Log entry when FSCTL_LOCK_VOLUME fails with \'Invalid Function\' error. Means drivers dont support it, and therefore need updating.
  • Added: The reason behind FSCTL_LOCK_VOLUME failing to the log.
  • Added: Option to not have the program wait for the background process of formatting a DVD+RW.
  • Added: Support for detection of DVD+RW DL media.
  • Added: Sarcastic message when people try to load IFO/BUP/VOB files for burning.
  • Added: CLI switch \'/LAYERBREAK\' to allow 3rd party apps to pass the layerbreak LBA directly, rather than manipulating the registry.
  • Added/Fixed: UDF File system error detection when file potentially use 32bits to store their size, rather than the 30 they\'re supposed to use. A dialog box now comes up if this is detected and asks the user which \'size\' they\'d like to use - the 30 bit version or the 32 bit one.
  • Changed: Layer break info now shown for DVD-R DL media.
  • Changed: Tooltips - so they\'re displayed for 5 seconds instead of 2.5.
  • Changed: Hitting \'retry\' during a write error will no longer perform X number of retries (as specified in the settings). It\'ll just do the 1 now!
  • Changed: Layout of drive compatibilities page.
  • Changed: (for the moment anyway) Write parameters are now sent again for DVD+R burns. Some older drives had problems when they weren\'t sent.
  • Changed: No more forcing of dismounts on the volume when the disc is ejected. They cause other problems.
  • Changed/Fixed: Aborting a write operation whilst it\'s filling the buffer will no longer perform any of the actual writing/finalising etc.

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