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Eraser 6.0.9


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Eraser 6.0.9  Änderung der Registrierung

Revision Description Author
2277 Fixed documentation errors when adding new tasks Joel
2280 Fixed fatal errors when erasing files which the current user do not have access to Joel
2305 Fixed updater with the change in server Joel
2315 Fixed bug in monthly schedules Joel
2327 Implementation suggestion by Jackjack that the title of balloon tips should be "Task Completed" and not "Task Executed" for clarity in #388. Joel
2328 Document working around UAC to erase unused disk space. Joel
2331 Fixed bug in scheduler where tasks will only be run once per Eraser start up even if the schedule should have been triggered Joel
2333 Fixed memory leak when the Unlocker feature was enabled. Joel
2338 Fixed some cases where file unlocking would still not allow a file to be unlocked for erasure. Joel
2340 Fixed a situation where by a task would be initiated from the Explorer context menu and when Eraser was not running. Under some situations, the task will run but the UI will not reflect that. Joel
2342 Fixed a crash when using the Unlocker code from Windows Vista. Joel

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