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Eraser 6.0.8, a maintenance release in the stable 6.0.x line was released today. 6.0.8 addresses a significant number of stability and usability issues found in Eraser 6.0.7. Eraser 6.0.8 is now the best in the Eraser 6.0.x line, as such, all users are encouraged to upgrade to 6.0.8 as soon as possible.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Eraser icon badge to reflect correct version
  • Initial Polish translation for Eraser
  • Fixed Donation link in About dialog
  • Fixed improper exit from Eraser when the instance was started by the system
  • Fixed documentation error: missing description of the Unused Disk Space target
  • When erasing shortcuts, erase the shortcut and not the target of the shortcut
  • Fixed compatibility for drag & drop with Total Commander (and older programs)
  • Fixed non-saving of schedule type when editing a task
  • Fixed status error when editing adding a new task when one is already running
  • The MSI installer will no longer check for the .NET Framework, only the Bootstrapper will
  • Fixed "File in Use" errors when plausible deniability is selected (decoy files)
  • Supplants a fix in Eraser 6.0.6: the amount of data that needed to be overwritten was underreported
  • Fixed crash on certain computers with unusual drive configurations
  • Fixed erasing of UNC paths: Eraser would previously refuse to erase UNC paths. However, use this feature at your own risk: UNC paths behave differently from disk erasures and data may not be completely erased.
  • Fix the (wrong) file name reported when erasing cluster tips
  • Better filesystem access permissions resilience when erasing cluster tips
  • Fix crash when a disk is connected but not mounted
  • Do not display the Eraser context menu for the Start button
  • Fixed the "out of disk space" error when erasing unused disk space
  • Fixed compatibility with Magellan Explorer on pre-Vista OSes
  • Fixed a few minor documentation errors on task list compatibility and on NTFS compressed/encrypted/sparse files
  • Fixed display of task schedule times to be accurate only to one minute
  • Removed the Gutmann Lite method
  • Fixed crash when right-clicking empty spaces in folders
  • Fixed the "Eraser cannot connect to the running instance for erasures" error when triggering Eraser from the context menu and when Eraser is not already running
  • API change: task.Executing is now false when the TaskFinished event handlers are called

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