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DivX 6.1


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DivX 6.1  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Full support for single CPU, HyperThreaded (HT), dual CPU (SMP) and dual core processors. Encoding performance is improved up to 180% for HT CPUs and up to 250% for Dual Core + HT.
  • Mutlithreading is enabled in the DivX decoder for DirectShow when the option to \'Reduce CPU spikes using one frame delay\' is enabled and post-processing is applied.
  • Optimizations have been added for processors supporting SSE2 extensions.
  • A new \"High Performance\" encoding mode has been added.
  • A new \"1-Pass Target Quantizer\" mode has been added.
  • The codec now includes a Lanczos resize filter for very sharp resizing.
  • The Feedback Window now displays VBV level and has variable axis for PSNR plots.
  • The Feedback Window now contains controls for changing VBV bitrate, performance mode and psychovisual enhancement in real time during encoding.
  • DivX High Definition profile now permits average bitrates of up to 6 Mbps.
  • MPEG quantization has been improved.
  • Brightness, contrast, and saturation controls are now respected by the DivX decoder for DirectShow.
  • The DivX decoder for DirectShow now respects the option to \"Output YUV 4:2:0 when supported.\"
  • It is now possible to exclude the Settings Manager by using RegEdit to add the process name to the list under: HKLM\\Software\\DivXNetworks\\DivX\\SMExclusions.
  • The performance of \"Extreme Quality\" and \"Insane Quality\" modes has been improved.
  • \"Fastest\" mode now achieves better compression and produces video compliant with certified encoding profiles.
  • Quarter-pixel motion estimation has been enhanced for performance and is now available in all modes from \"Balanced\" through \"Insane quality\" when \"Unconstrained profile\" is selected.
  • Item descriptions in the encoder GUI have been improved for all languages.
  • Generic MPEG-4 playback support has been improved.

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