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DivX 5.11


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DivX 5.11  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Support for generic MP4 FourCC codes which can be enabled/disabled in the DirectShow configuration dialog box.
  • Psychovisual modeling disabled by default.
  • Feedback mode disabled by default.
  • Feedback mode can now be globally disabled when running.
  • All frames are now displayed in feedback windows.
  • Cosmetic GUI changes have been made to avoid confusion when using MV reuse and specific performance modes.
  • Deinterlacing is back in the Standard codec.
  • Added bottom field first encoding.
  • Smoother DivX logo fade.
Encoder fixes:
  • DivX 5.1.1 encoder is up to 112% faster (standard mode) than 5.1 (up to 30% faster than 5.05).
  • Standard mode is 105% faster than 5.1.
  • Slow mode is 67% faster than 5.1.
  • Slowest mode is 79% faster than 5.1.
  • The Quality produced by \"Fastest\" has been significantly improved.
  • Blinking bottom line in \"fastest\" mode fixed.
  • Fixed issues with capture applications.
  • Various Cosmetic CLI fixes.
  • New CLI option \"-tff\" for \"top field first\".
Decoder fixes:
  • Resolved a severe performance hit when using the Deringing mode in Postprocessing.
  • DirectShow filter property page had a cosmetic issue caused by using large fonts (120dpi).
  • Avoids buffer overruns with extremely small picture sizes (less than 80x32).
  • Fixed a bug caused by \"Auto Post-processing\" and SMP/HyperThreading CPUs.
  • Issue with n B frames and Deblocking fixed.

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