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Avant Browser 2012 Build 16  Änderung der Registrierung

* [Add]An option:Avant Browser Options->Profile->Days to Keep History.
* [Fix]Gecko:Auto-Scroll button didn't work.
* [Fix]Gecko:Work Offline didn't work
* [Fix]Gecko:Searching Non-English words via Address Bar failed.
* [Fix]Gecko:A bug on the Restart link for disabling/enabling firefox extenstions.
* [Fix]Gecko:Redundant icon appeared on the windows task bar when "Save Selected Region as Image"
* [Fix]Gecko:Applying Ctrl+ middle mouse button to change the page size wasn't fluent.
* [Fix]Gecko:Disabling "Enable mouse super drag and drop to open new tab" didn't work.
* [Fix]Gecko: A problem which could cause flash plugin to crash.
* [Fix]Gecko: Sometimes search bar lost focus.
* [Fix]Gecko: A problem of dragging text from Keepass to Avant Browser
* [Fix]Gecko: A problem about the Hight feature of the search bar
* [Fix]Gecko: Customize Toolbar caused the firefox menu bar to appear.
* [Fix]Gecko: Pages can't open after All-in-One Sidebar enabled.
* [Fix]Gecko: The page saved as html under firefox mode showed blank.
* [Fix]Trident: Ctrl+F failed on certain pages.
* [Fix]Trident: Work Offline feature didn't work.
* [Fix]Trident: Autofill can't save forms on certain sites.
* [Fix]Trident: Avant can't log into some forum.
* [Fix]Export window didn't show the extension for the saved file.
* [Fix]Sometimes "Paste and Go" didn't work.
* [Fix]A ghost image left behind after closing the detached tab.
* [Fix]Some window opens behind its parent window on xp.
* [Fix]Miscoded bookmarks caused by using IE favorites as Bookmarks
* [Fix]Putting tab bar to the bottom caused the address bar drop down list to open out of the screen.
* [Fix]Focus problem when adding url alias

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