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Avant Browser 2011 Build 3 10.25.2011 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

Avant Browser 2011 Build 3 10.25.2011  Änderung der Registrierung

  • [Add]Firefox engine 8.0 beta 4
  • [Add]Option to use Firefox Addon-ons/Downloads/Options
  • [Add]User can specify to render certain websites with specific engine. (Toos->Avant Browser Options->Rendering Engines)
  • [Add]Options to open AutoFills on startup
  • [Add]Context menu to AutoFill Edit Form
  • [Add]Confirmation options to Close Tabs on the Left/Right
  • [Add]"Browse Referrer" function to Download Manager
  • [Add]Avant downloader shortcut to Start menu
  • [Imporve]Using SQLite process favicons, much faster on system that running anti-virus software.
  • [Improve]Improved Super Drag.
  • [Fix]Imported bookmarks miscoded
  • [Fix]Translation errors
  • [Fix]Address Bar focus issue
  • [Fix]The Side Panel Scroll Bar lost focus.
  • [Fix]The cursor focus issue when starting Avant Browser
  • [Fix]Unfocused tab can't move.
  • [Fix]The cursor disappeared during moving focus in the Address Bar.
  • [Fix]Fixed gmail issue with IE engine.
  • [Fix]Some other internal fix/improvements.

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