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WinZip 7.0


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WinZip 7.0  Änderung der Registrierung

The main new features of WinZip 7.0 are:
  • Sizable, sortable, and selectable columns in the main window. The optional attribute and CRC columns are new. Columns can be resized with the mouse, and turned off from the Configuration | View dialog box. Just click on a column header to sort.
  • A configurable toolbar with 21 toolbar buttons. Note: toolbar configuration requires version 4.71 or later of the Windows Common Control library. This library is part of Windows 98, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, and is available from Microsoft as a separate download.
  • Optional support for the Internet Explorer 4.0-style "one click open" interface. If this option is enabled in Internet Explorer 4.0 Active Desktop, it will be enabled in WinZip automatically. Otherwise, you can turn it on using the Configuration | View dialog box.
  • Support for Microsoft's CAB (cabinet) format, including most self-extracting CAB files.
  • A print facility to print the information listed in the main WinZip window.
  • Improved configuration using a tabbed dialog box.
  • Zip comment support.
  • Improvements to the Install Feature.
  • Optional Tip of the Day dialog box.
  • WinZip Self-Extractor Personal Edition (included with WinZip) now creates Zip files that span multiple removable disks.
Other changes include:
  • WinZip now uses the registry instead of winzip32.ini. The first time you run this version, it will copy all the ini entries to the registry, and from then on will use the registry. The registry key used is HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Nico Mak Computing/WinZip.
  • Message boxes now have a help button instead of the "Please press F1 for help" text.
  • Wizard has a Help button.
  • Replaced Actions->Deselect All with Actions->Invert Selection.
  • Non-standard accelerators now use Shift+key instead of Ctrl+key.
  • Added ARJ 2.60 long filename support (due to limitations in ARJ 2.60, this feature is not available under Windows NT).
  • Status bar and main window now use the same fonts as Windows Explorer (to change the font used in the main WinZip window and Windows Explorer, open Start->Settings->Control Panel->Display, then select "Icon" as the item in the "Appearances" tab)
  • Added "System Info" button to About box. If you encounter WinZip related problems that you believe are system or configuration dependent, please click this button, then click the "Clipboard Copy" button, and paste the results into an e-mail describing the problem.
  • If you select the "move" operation in the "Add" or "Drop" dialog boxes, WinZip will put files into the recycle bin instead of deleting them (you can override this behavior via the Configuration | Miscellaneous dialog box).
  • Added "File Properties" dialog, available by right clicking on a file in the zip, then selecting Properties. This dialog box is useful if you are not displaying all the columns and want info on a column that is not displayed. Note that unless the "Full row select" option in the Configuration | View dialog box is checked, if you right click in the list of files but not on the filename, the Properties dialog box displays information about the archive.

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