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VLC Media Player 0.5.2


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VLC Media Player 0.5.2  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Core support:
  • advanced config options are now hidden by default
  • new --spdif option to use the S/PDIF audio output by default
  • fixed a 'clicking' sound when switching between streams
  • new bandlimited resampler that should improve audio quality on primarily Mac OS X
  • fixed a problem with audio over http that caused some web radios to not work
  • DTS S/PDIF support
  • Codecs:
  • support for DV audio through the ffmpeg library
  • support for FLAC audio through libflac
  • new but basic MPEG video decoder based on libmpeg2
  • fixed a major bug in LPCM code (fixes a problem with iDVD disks)
  • Stream output
  • support for streaming DivX 1/2/3, wmv1/2, h/i263 over MPEG-2 TS
  • new --ttl option for Time To Liv
  • DVD support:
  • fixed quite a few problems with the dvd menu support
  • UNIX ports:
  • fixed the GNU-pth support
  • Win32 port:
  • multi-channel audio and S/PDIF support for both the DirectX and Waveout plugins
  • localization support via gettext is now fully working
  • rc interface is now fully useable
  • fixed the MSVC project files generation
  • Mac OS X port:
  • several fixes for multi channel audio devices. AC3 over SPDIF with M-Audio Sonica Theater still does not work. this is most likely a driver bug and has been reported to M-Audio. (Sonica, Revolution, Delta, Griffin iMate and MOTU firewire devices should work)
  • VLC now uses the default audio device
  • new info panel
  • very preliminary support for VLC control via applescript
  • support for mouse gestures
  • new priority scheme allowing to avoid lock-ups on low-end machines
  • Linupy port:
  • there is a whole new port for the linupy distribution used by o.a. the YOPY PDA. It is still experimental, please test it
  • Miscellaneous
  • improved ID3 tag detection
  • changed several errors into warnings ; the frequently reported "this is not a PS stream, continuing" is one of these
  • mouse gestures work on windows and osx, but there still isn't any useful gestures
  • some support for .pls playlists used by shoutcast

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