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uTorrent 1.1.1


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uTorrent 1.1.1  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Fix:Spaced out controls in Create Torrent dialog a bit
  • Feature:Added option to hide toolbar.
  • Feature:Enter key opens the folder.
  • Feature:Del key deletes a torrent.
  • Fix:Hide Port column by default, show empty string instead of 65535
  • Fix:Upload/Download rates in scheduler settings were reversed.
  • Fix:Two dialogs used the wrong font.
  • Fix:Query String dialog used Avbryt instead of Cancel.
  • Fix:Tab key didn't work in main window.
  • Feature:Added menus to quickly select up/down rates by right clicking on the up/down part of the status bar.
  • Feature:Added option to randomize port each time uTorrent starts.
  • Feature:Preallocate diskspace
  • Fix:Sent wrong downloaded value to tracker when seeding.
  • Change: Distinguish between downloaded and complete bytes
  • Feature:If resuming a download, and you select the existing folder instead of the parent, behave in the way the user expects.
  • Fix:Use FILE_FLAG_RANDOM_ACCESS, might improve caching performance.
  • Fix:Limit also the incoming number of connections.
  • Feature:Able to limit upload speed if download speed is low.
  • Fix:Always enable Remove menu item.
  • Fix:Create torrent was unable to make a torrent from a directory.
  • Change: Have less checker jobs in action at the same time when checking files.

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