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UltraVNC 1.0.3 RC1


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UltraVNC 1.0.3 RC1  Änderung der Registrierung

*The buildin winvnc service is replaced by an external service. Vista require an isolation between the service and the desktop application.
For security, applications started by a service, should by started as the same user as the desktop owner, this prevent other applcations trying to gain admin access via winvnc.

*v1.0.3 RC1 doesn't use any more the registry for option saving.
It was too complicated to get the registry permissions right, and because winvnc.exe needs to be started as system, password and ports could change if user and system have different settings
We are thinking about reserving the use of ultravnc.ini file for Vista only and keep the registry for others Windows versions. We could also support both modes.
Actually v1.0.3 with registry works under Vista but users must configure both WinVNC "default" and "User" settings even when then don't install the WinVNC service...
- WinVNC settings File: ultravnc.ini
- Location: same directory as winvnc.exe
- If you want to prevent normal users to change the file, you need to set restrictions on the write access of this file

*The viewer now autoreconnects when the desktop security changes or when the user login/logoff.
The default delay is 10s (no viewer screen refresh).
If the autoreconnect ever fails you still can manually reconnect and should be able to gain access to all (logon/screensaver/default/UAC) security desktops.

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