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  • 11841 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Connection Manager] Save icon hash immediately if not locally available
  • 11862 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Contact List] Active buddy icons show incorrectly on AIM
  • 11856 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Contact List] Clones should not show up more than once in the offline folder
  • 11857 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Contact List] Clones should not show up more than once in group by service
  • 11687 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Contact List] Collapsible service group overlaps status Windows Live Messenger status.
  • 11858 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Contact List] Deleting a clone when grouped by service or in offline contacts should remove all
  • 11844 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Contact List] Last seen isnt saved often enough and saves resources
  • 11670 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Contact List] Metacontacts disappear from "group by service"
  • 11864 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Contact List] Separate the pref for contact list and message window always on top to be less confusing in preferences
  • 11863 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Contact List] Signing on as away or invisible may result in a dangling icon without text
  • 11950 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Containers] Dragging a window off of a container will position it away from the cursor
  • 11949 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Containers] When removing one window from a container, a non aero version may show up and not draw properly
  • 11551 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Containers] Windows 7 close buttons only half-functional (literally, just one half)
  • 11917 Kevin Kurtz  FIXED: [Crash] Trillian 5 Build 23 Crashes When Changing Windows Display Settings
  • 11730 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Crash] Trillian 5 crashes on launch
  • 11807 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Crash] Trillian 5 crahses when switching cursors
  • 11846 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Crash] Trillian crashes when using the Trillian Cobalt skin and locking computer
  • 11883 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [FileTransfers] Scrollbar in debug window is misaligned
  • 11884 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Message Windows] Console windows have too large of a bottom margin
  • 11881 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Message Windows] Copying is off by a few px when a bottom margin exists
  • 11866 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Message Windows] Do not send 'not typing' if all text is erased if they quickly start typing again
  • 11868 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Message Windows] If you initiate typing, the 'from %' line does not appear
  • 11865 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Message Windows] Increased the timeout for 'not typing' to 15 seconds
  • 11650 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Message Windows] Message window render fault after returning from aero compatability mode
  • 11575 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Message Windows] Missing drag and drop container creation
  • 11885 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Message Windows] Scroll up in simple view may not show the top item 100%
  • 11808 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Message Windows] Standard Bubbles Chatview: chat partner's picture lost
  • 11602 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Message Windows] Switching into Aero's compatibility mode and back breaks chat window top side.
  • 11801 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Message Windows] Trillian 5 Beta - Existing chat window does not regain focus when opening new conversation from contact list
  • 11867 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Message Windows] Typing a message, then erasing, then typing again, may make the avatar disappear
  • 11880 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Message Windows] With the new typing indicator, messages may jump to the bottom, when they should stay where the indicator is
  • 11810 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Preferences] Non pro users device screen has incorrect margins
  • 11843 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Preferences] Put the team image in even if you are pro
  • 11882 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Preferences] Real time skin switching when holding S and selecting a skin
  • 11573 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Remote Desktop] Remote Desktop causes part of the Trillian 5 default skin to disappear
  • 11601 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Remote Desktop] Service icons disappearing
  • 11888 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Remote Desktop] Single windows may turn into windows classic mode when coming back from remote desktop
  • 8141    Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Remote Desktop] Standard contact icons are not shown within and after remote desktop session
  • 11838 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Social] Groups that become empty become invisible in social sublist
  • 11680 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Social] Unnecessary scrollbar
  • 11596 Kevin Kurtz FIXED: [Sublist] Tweet disappears when switching tabs in Trillian 5
  • 11851 Scott Werndorfer FIXED: [SKYPE] DND and NA status icons not showing
  • 11732 Scott Werndorfer FIXED: [SKYPE] Typo in Contact Information: Phome Office
  • 11583 Scott Werndorfer FIXED: [TWITTER] Crash when marking a tweet as a favorite.
  • 11726 Scott Werndorfer FIXED: [TWITTER] Every tweet is creates a "reply box" underneath it in Trillian 5
  • 11937 Scott Werndorfer FIXED: [TWITTER] Error occurred systray alert should be persistent
  • 11941 Scott Werndorfer FIXED: [TWITTER] May get incorrect signature on new tweets
  • 11938 Scott Werndorfer FIXED: [TWITTER] Re-enable ssl for sending tweets
  • 11901 Scott Werndorfer FIXED: [TWITTER] Retweet with modification should have the ... in the menu
  • 11940 Scott Werndorfer FIXED: [TWITTER] The status window is missing a quote when setting a tweet
  • 11942 Scott Werndorfer FIXED: [TWITTER] Try again should close the alert down
  • 11939 Scott Werndorfer FIXED: [TWITTER] Tweet errors are not persistent

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