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Tixati 1.94 64-bit


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Tixati 1.94 64-bit  Änderung der Registrierung

Tixati version 1.94 is now available. This version includes numerous improvements to the RSS reader, the web interface, and downloaded file handling, in addition to several dozen minor fixes through the program.
* RSS episode title parser supports anime-style encoding _-_###
* Undo feature allows accidentally removed feeds to be restored for up to 2 minutes
* RSS feed update pooling handles HTTP response 304 (Not Modified) more efficiently
* RSS feeds limited to 3 concurrent updates
* RSS feed non-default download/MOC locations now override category selection
* Right-clicking one or more feeds allows download/MOC locations and category to be changed via menu
* Several feed parsing improvement for wider compatibility
* Atom feeds are now supported
* Added scripting to web interface to disable buttons when no selection
* Web interface has optional filter for transfers (off by default, enabled on Settings page within web interface)
* Adding a transfer has option to stop after meta-info is gathered but before files are allocated
* Bitfield display for folders within transfers is now more accurate
* Initial file touching is now handled asynchonously and will not block UI for transfers containing many thousands of files
* Improved downloaded-file checking heuristics in partially-downloaded transfers
* Several minor fixes to the Scheduler
* User-configurable folder shortcut queue size
* Several file and folder dialog improvements on the Windows platform, including asynchronous icon caching
* Several other Windows platform fixes to various UI widgets

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