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TightVNC 1.3.9


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TightVNC 1.3.9  Änderung der Registrierung

- All platforms: Added support for the standard RFB protocol version
3.8 with TightVNC extensions.

- All platforms: Made "host:port" parsing maximally compatible with
VNC4. Interpreting a number in host names like somehost:5900 as an
actual port number if it's not in the range [0..99].

- Windows Server: Various user interface enhancements - changes in
GUI labels, tray icon with a red border when incoming connections
are not possible for any reason, more information in the tray icon
tip, smarter logic in displaying the Properties dialog, and more.

- Windows Server: Fixed a problem introduced in TightVNC 1.3.8 -
default passwords were not respected if user passwords were not

- Windows Server: Slightly improved handling of passwords. One of
the notable changes is that now it's enough to enter a view-only
password without providing primary password.

- Windows Server: Fixed problems with running WinVNC service and
Terminal Services. When a Remote Desktop (RDP) client connected to
the console, WinVNC showed black screen and did not restore normal
operations even on disconnection of that RDP client. Now, we
always share the console correctly, and disable simultaneous RDP
and VNC sessions. The changes were ported from VNC 4.1.2.

- Windows Server: Better way of simulating Ctrl+Alt+Del. There are
reports that this solves the problem with greyed username and
password fields on Windows 2003 Server (bug #887617).

- Windows Server: Bugfix for the bug #1109102: attempt to restart
the machine remotely via TightVNC led to disconnect if there was
some non-saved data, and further connections were rejected.

- Windows Viewer: Multiple selection now works in file transfers,
thanks to developers at Novell and personally Rohit Kumar.

- Windows Viewer: The viewer terminated silently when the server
dropped connection right after accepting it. Now we report such

- Windows version source archive: Included project files for
compiling with Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. Also, all required
libraries are now included within the source distribution.

- Other improvements and bugfixes, see ChangeLog files within the
distribution for more details.

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