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The Bat! Home Edition 5.0.14  Änderung der Registrierung

- Coping/moving multiple messages from one folder to another within the same IMAP account can cause "downloading" overlay icon over destination folder to persist forever. It also prevents the program from being closed.
- Added support for the Armenian language
- "Deleting a tree node..." error while trying to edit account properties when access is restricted in "Network and Administration"
- "tsViewer" error while trying to edit preferences when access is restricted in "Network and Administration"
- Text in HTML message is centered instead left-aligned
- Minor AVs fixed
- The program was left in memory when entering the master password was cancelled
- Sending multiple files from Windows Explorer was not working
- Exception "TImapFolderCounterSearchTask.CommandCompleted CheckBaseCount > 5" (quick fix, possible problem with flag handling on some servers - need more investigation)
- Removed debug logging for CSAPI spelling engine
- No Unread/Total counters in password protected account
- Empty unread/total counters in account tree for newly created POP3 account or remote IMAP4 folder
- Virtual folders could not be edited
- Quick Template was passed incorrectly when used with the "Reply using Template" command.
- IMAP. Folder with national characters in name cannot be used as system folder (Outbox, Sent, ...)
- Some exceptions must not appear in exception log
- Problem with opening of the files containing incorrect characters
- Attached files, opened for viewing by external applications (e.g. .DOC files) weren't saved as read-only
- Smart algorithm to replace slash characters in attached file names opened for viewing by external applications. Slashes around digits are replaced to dashes, other slashes to underscores.
- Bug with loading drafts into editor from IMAP-server-based Outbox
- "List index out of bounds" when deleting several messages
- Testing of filters actually caused full filtering processing
- Filter Logging pane in the Re-filtering dialogue
- "Delete and follow next/previous" feature broken
- Some status bar menus in the message editor and SmartBat could ignore user input
- Saving messages in text format was generating files empty before the next save or program's shutdown
- It was not possible to restart search in the same Finder window once it was stopped.
- Advanced options were not working for Web-like and text search
- Possibility to choose whether the tab filtering should replace or to be added to the current message list filter
- More debug messages if The Bat! is run with "/STARTUP_TIMING_LOG" command line option, to help find the problem of lockup after the "SetupTokenIfVoyager" event
- HTML hints weren't updated with a new version
- Fixed a small glitch in the about box
- Message list tabs that are working with anything but current message list were not using specified filters
- Removing duplicates was not working in OTFE mode
- Birthday reminder does not work
- When Replying to plain text messages, the text disappears
- Some self-tests use ExitProcess instead of raising exception
- IMAP. "Do not use IDLE command" option added
- Preview button for Mail Ticker do not work (renamed to Apply)
- "Follow next/previous" in a separate viewer window wraps around the message list
- Fixed an AV in the "select file associations" dialog
- IMAP "APPEND" command had low timeout, not enough to copy a message from a local to a remote folder over slow connections
- Changing active account for a messages creates duplicate
- 0008683: Images are printed reduced (5.0.12)
- Filtering actions are now called in different way so unexpected behaviour should be avoided
- Test for circular reference in folder DB and raising exception instead of silent close.
- History was not supported in the Message Redirect form
- It is now possible to set CC and BCC fields when redirecting messages
- Fixed sporadic interface language reset at startup
- Virtual Folders were not updated after changes were made on filters on folder set
- Age limits and priority filtering Mail Ticker settings were ignored
- No HTML end tag in message
- Trying to fix interface language reset to English at startup
- Deleting a folder from The Bat! does remove its physical folder on disk if the folder is a sub-folder
- "Message|Edit as New" action
- Message list did adjust its view when new messages arrived into the currently viewed folder
- The "bcc=..." parameter of the mailto: URL was ignored
- Option to delete messages after deletion from Trash was ignored
- Links were not working in Source Viewer
- Some windows were shifted when reopened when task bar was positioned in non-standard fashion
- AV when trying to change viewer for plain-text messages
- IMAP. Don't raise exception when trying to get contents of expunged message. Just finish this task.
- Problem with releasing messages from Mail Ticker

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