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Skype  Änderung der Registrierung

Improvements and changes:

  • Select and pin your favorite contacts
  • Facebook and Skype contacts combined into one Contacts list
  • Easier to understand Premium subscription notices
  • Possibility to control Skype video rendering technology for backward compatibility for people who have trouble with video calls
  • Remove 'Video in Mood' functionality

Additional Fixed Issues:



Screen sharing

Skype crashed when exiting Skype during a screen sharing session


Video calls with iOS devices may sometimes have been displayed improperly


Video calls did not always resume on the Call Monitor after a screen sharing session


Call Monitor was not always closed at the end of a call


Transferred files with names in Korean characters were not displayed correctly

Volunteer localization of Skype for Windows has been done by:

  • Bulgarian: Nikolina Filipova & Nikolay Filipov
  • Chinese (Simplified): Wang Miao (
  • Chinese (Traditional): Penny Yang, Carlos Lee (PChome)
  • Czech: Petr Silon
  • Dutch: Kees Koenders
  • French: Fabrice Imperial & Bruno Lépaulard
  • German: Claudius Henrichs & Dick Schiferli
  • Hungarian: Mark Bender
  • Italian: Daniele Conte
  • Lithuanian: Viktoras Kriukovas
  • Norwegian: Stig Auestad
  • Polish: Karol Szastok
  • Portuguese: Francisco Ferreira
  • Romanian: Péter & Mónika Henning
  • Turkish: Ömer Emin Dede
  • Ukrainian: Vitaliy Kupchynskyy

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