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Python 3.1.1


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Python 3.1.1  Änderung der Registrierung

Core and Builtins

- Issue #6707: dir() on an uninitialized module caused a crash.
- Issue #6540: Fixed crash for bytearray.translate() with invalid parameters.
- Issue #6573: set.union() stopped processing inputs if an instance of self
occurred in the argument chain.
- Issue #6070: On posix platforms import no longer copies the execute bit
from the .py file to the .pyc file if it is set.
- Issue #6428: Since Python 3.0, the __bool__ method must return a bool
object, and not an int. Fix the corresponding error message, and the
- Issue #6347: Include inttypes.h as well as stdint.h in pyport.h.
This fixes a build failure on HP-UX: int32_t and uint32_t are
defined in inttypes.h instead of stdint.h on that platform.
- Issue #6373: Fixed a SystemError when encoding with the latin-1 codec and
the 'surrogateescape' error handler, a string which contains unpaired


- Issue #6624: yArg_ParseTuple with "s" format when parsing argument with
NUL: Bogus TypeError detail string.
- Issue #6405: Remove duplicate type declarations in descrobject.h.
- The code flags for old __future__ features are now available again.


- Issue #6106: telnetlib.Telnet.process_rawq doesn't handle default WILL/WONT
DO/DONT correctly.
- Issue #6126: Fixed pdb command-line usage.
- Issue #6629: Fix a data corruption issue in the new I/O library, which could
occur when writing to a BufferedRandom object (e.g. a file opened in "rb+" or
"wb+" mode) after having buffered a certain amount of data for reading. This
bug was not present in the pure Python implementation.
- Issue #6622: Fix "local variable 'secret' referenced before
assignment" bug in POP3.apop.
- Issue #6637: defaultdict.copy() did not work when the default factory
was left unspecified. Also, the eval/repr round-trip would fail when
the default_factory was None.
- Issue #2715: Remove remnants of Carbon.File from binhex module.
- Issue #6595: The Decimal constructor now allows arbitrary Unicode
decimal digits in input, as recommended by the standard. Previously
it was restricted to accepting [0-9].
- Issues #5155, #5313, #5331: multiprocessing.Process._bootstrap was
unconditionally calling "os.close(sys.stdin.fileno())" resulting in file
descriptor errors
- Issue #1424152: Fix for http.client, urllib.request to support SSL while
working through proxy. Original patch by Christopher Li, changes made by
Senthil Kumaran
- did not inherit from like
the documentation said it did even though the code in PyLoader relied on the
abstract method required by ResourceLoader.
- Issue #6431: Make Fraction type return NotImplemented when it doesn't
know how to handle a comparison without loss of precision. Also add
correct handling of infinities and nans for comparisons with float.
- Issue #6415: Fixed warnings.warn segfault on bad formatted string.
- Issue #6358: The exit status of a command started with os.popen() was
reported differently than it did with python 2.x.
- Issue #6323: The pdb debugger did not exit when running a script with a
syntax error.
- Issue #3392: The subprocess communicate() method no longer fails in select()
when file descriptors are large; communicate() now uses poll() when possible.
- Issue #6369: Fix an RLE decompression bug in the binhex module.
- Issue #6344: Fixed a crash of when passed a negative argument.
- Issue #4005: Fixed a crash of pydoc when there was a zip file present in

Extension Modules

- Fix a segfault in expat.
- Issue #4509: array.array objects are no longer modified after an operation
failing due to the resize restriction in-place when the object has exported


- Issue 4601: 'make install' did not set the appropriate permissions on
- Issue 5390: Add uninstall icon independent of whether file
extensions are installed.


- Fix a test in importlib.test.source.test_abc_loader that was incorrectly
testing when a .pyc file lacked an code object bytecode.

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