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PuTTY 0.55


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PuTTY 0.55  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Security fix: a vulnerability discovered by Core Security Technologies (advisory number CORE-2004-0705), potentially allowing arbitrary code execution on the client by a malicious server before host key verification, has been fixed.
  • Bug fix: General robustness of the SSH-1 implementation has been improved, which may have fixed further potential security problems although we are not aware of any specific ones.
  • Bug fix: Random noise generation was hanging some computers and interfering with other processes\' precision timing, and should now not do so.
  • Bug fix: dead key support should work better.
  • Bug fix: a terminal speed is now sent to the SSH server.
  • Bug fix: removed a spurious diagnostic message in Plink.
  • Bug fix: the `-load\' option in PSCP and PSFTP should work better.
  • Bug fix: X forwarding on the Unix port can now talk to Unix sockets as well as TCP sockets.
  • Bug fix: various crashes and assertion failures fixed..

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