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NSIS 2.37


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NSIS 2.37  Änderung der Registrierung

Major Changes
* Fixed a bug introduced in 2.32 that caused blurry icons on Windows
versions prior to XP (bug #1956350)
* Use $PROGRAMFILES as a default for $PROGRAMFILES64 instead of "C:\Program
Files" (bug #1947702)

Minor Changes
* Automatically select language in case there is only one available choice
(bug #1939571)
* MultiUser: Fixed build errors with manual inclusion of StrFunc.nsh
* Support for compression of files up to 2GB (patch #1948700)

Utilities and Plug-ins
* Fixed ${NSD_OnBack} (bug #1947388)
* Fixed nsDialogs::SelectFileDialog return value for user cancelation (bug
* Fixed possible BgImage crash when calling BgImage::Destroy more than once
(patch #1951248)
* Minor documentation improvements

* Brazilian Portuguese updates
* Polish updates (patch #1927421)
* Slovak updates (patch #1939669)
* Spanish updates

Build System
* SCons requirement upgraded to 0.98

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