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MySQL Community Server 5.0.86  Änderung der Registrierung

# Bugs fixed:

* Performance: For MyISAM tables with bulk_insert_buffer_size values larger than 256KB, the performance of bulk insert operations such as multiple-row INSERT and INSERT ... SELECT operations has been improved greatly when up to a hundred rows are inserted at the same time. (Bug#44723)

* Replication: When using the --replicate-rewrite-db option and the database referenced by this option on the master was the current database when the connection to the slave was closed, any temporary tables existing in this database were not properly dropped. (Bug#46861)

* Replication: In some cases, a STOP SLAVE statement could cause the replication slave to crash. This issue was specific to MySQL on Windows or Macintosh platforms. (Bug#45238, Bug#45242, Bug#45243, Bug#46013, Bug#46014, Bug#46030)

* Stack overflow checking did not account for the size of the structure stored in the heap. (Bug#46807)

* The server could crash for queries with the following elements: 1. An “impossible where” in the outermost SELECT; 2. An aggregate in the outermost SELECT; 3. A correlated subquery with a WHERE clause that includes an outer field reference as a top-level WHERE sargable predicate; (Bug#46749)

* CREATE TABLE ... SELECT could cause assertion failure if a table already existed with the same name and contained an AUTO_INCREMENT column. (Bug#46616)

* A query containing a subquery in the FROM clause and PROCEDURE ANALYSE() caused a server crash. (Bug#46184)

* If --basedir was specified, mysqld_safe did not use it when attempting to locate my_print_defaults. (Bug#39326)

* A buffer overflow could occur during handling of IS NULL ranges. (Bug#37044)

* mysqladmin --wait ping crashed on Windows systems. (Bug#35132)

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