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Mozilla Firefox 0.8


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Mozilla Firefox 0.8  Änderung der Registrierung

Here are the news in this release of Firefox:
  • Windows Installer Firefox now comes with an installer for Windows. Aside from making the installation process smoother, the installer also solves some common plug-in problems.
  • Download Manager The new streamlined download manager keeps your downloads organized without getting in your way. Select Tools > Downloads or press trl+E> to see it or change its behavior.
  • New Add Bookmark Dialog The Add Bookmark dialog has been enhanced and now allows the creation of new bookmark folders.
  • Work Offline It\'s now possible to view Web pages you\'ve previously visited without being connected to the Internet.
  • Better Handling of File Types Binary files (e.g. .wma and .rar files) served by servers incorrectly sending text/plain should no longer be displayed as garbage in the browser, rather they should be appropriately handled.
  • New XPInstall Frontend The dialog that appears when installing themes and extensions has been redesigned and is easier to use.
  • New default theme for Mac OS X The Pinstripe theme integrates better on Mac OS X than the Qute theme, used on Windows and Linux.
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements Disabling of form auto-completion is now working, the address bar now remembers the edited text across tab switching, among many other bug fixes.

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