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MediaMonkey Beta  Änderung der Registrierung

4298 Added new mask functions $Left(s,n), $Right(s,n), $Mid(s,i,n), $Trim(s), $Upper(s), $Lower(s)
4264 Added Japanese installer and language files
4272 Fixed CDDB and Auto-tag from Web lookup don't work correctly for Japanese
4290 Fixed Unicode characters in Custom fields cause the field to not be stored in ID3 tags
4289 Fixed ID3 TDAT year is parsed and stored incorrectly
4270 Fixed tag operations can fail if connection to track is slow/unreliable
4285 Fixed Disc burns fail if a track in the burn list is inaccessible
4219 Fixed Burnt CDs with CD text don't show Album Name as the CD Label
1666 Fixed Auto-organize doesn't move linked images labelled as system files
4271 Fixed Auto-tag from filename Track# mask fails when track# contains non-numeric info
4302 Fixed Rip/Convert/Auto-organize to Desktop shows fields as gibberish
4292 Fixed Album art addition settings don't properly persist
4278 Fixed Auto-tag from web only saves to tag if set to also save to folder w/o confirmation
4278 Fixed Adding Art file only links file if set to tag and save to folder w/o confirmation
4263 Fixed Changing Artist to existing one in the Tree will cause duplicate entries in the Tree
4277 Fixed Track time is displayed incorrectly for merged mp3 tracks with faulty header
4300 Fixed Player shows remaining track time incorrectly near end of track
4301 Fixed Player can stutter/repeat a segment of the track if crossfading is enabled
4299 Fixed Podcasts don't display correctly if not formatted to spec (e.g by Dennis Prager)
4282 Fixed Podcasts don't download in cases where date information isn't formatted to spec
4274 Fixed .ashx Podcasts can't be downloaded
4297 Fixed Auto-sync: some tracks are synced needlessly back to PC
4286 Fixed Auto-sync: child playlists get selected when parent is selected in Auto-sync list
4267 Fixed Advanced searches on Volume Leveling are incorrect
2717 Fixed Double-clicking a property in Now Playing can cause it to become editable
4276 Fixed Year/Date terminology inconsistencies in the search dialog
4266 Fixed Filter names can change language when language is switched
4288 Fixed OnTrackProperties event isn't called on rating or PlayCount/LastTimePlayed change
4293 Fixed Auto-DJ scripts add tracks in shuffled order
4283 Optimized some queries for Auto-organize
4306 Updated German translation

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