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LibreOffice 3.4.2


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LibreOffice 3.4.2  Änderung der Registrierung

# base
* don't crash when selecting target to db document
# bootstrap
* sorting additional language packs and dictionaries
# calc
* always set column offset to 0
* fix for don't call vector::back on an empty vector
* fix for enable Object/Edit menu item for ole/embedded objects
* fix for formulas with range names were not imported correctly
* fix for name box always selects cell in the first sheet
* fix for update local range names
* revert "Fixed undisplayed calc page and header / footer borders"
* fix broken refresh() from UNO API (and Basic).
* make sure the drawing layer is initialized before use.
* prevent double-deletes during removal of pivot tables.
# components
* fix label of Save Keyboard Configuration dialog
# filters
* apparent negative string length
* do not set solid line border and fill as default for chartarea
* fix for shared formulas are not imported correctly
* fix label position for ooxml charts
* using formatcode while displaying labels.
* related correct import of shared formulas
# help
* fix broken image paths in help
* revert "Update the operation of delete and backspace key"
* update the operation of delete and backspace key
# impress
* selecting text box after editing gives rotation handles
# libs-core
* add useronly read permission, while creating tmpfile.
* fix --quickstart shouldn't show start center
* fixed a crasher. Also, improved batch conversion
* related: ole props buglet
* set default min password length in ctor of password dialog
* unable to save protected file without pw
* use UTF-8 encoding for gstreamer uris
* null the display pointer after closing the display, fixes
* fix wrong RTTI baseclass for SfxViewEventHint
* on recovery from an autosave file use DefaultFilter, seems to fix
# libs-gui
* context menu in spellcheck in RTL UI closes too early
* crash in number format dialog
* duplicate entries in Directory definition are no longer treated as errors
* fix regression in SvGlobalName::operator <
* fix set color regression in cairo canvas f
* make sure we send resize event to fullscreen windows
* related: busted ole2 wrapper
* related: make simpleMapNativeRoleFrom::accessibleContext safer
* half&full width forms need to remain asian
* EMF+ records don't need payload all the time
# writer
* avoid infinite loop when writting out docs with bookmarks
* basic handling of lines in RTF import
* problems related to printing table borders
* copy fieldmark properties when copying/pasting
* fix the computation of grid character pitch
* handle wrong text len gracefully
* hang on load of .doc
* imported .doc crashes layout
* more conservative fix for aliasing problems
* protect against missing insertion position
* related: make abo levels safer
* related: use cached data values instead of pointer to sprm cache
* related: use standard sprm iterator
* fix counting the paragraphs

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