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KMPlayer  Änderung der Registrierung

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* OpenAlbumArt v1.0 support (Shortcut key embodied remote control available)
* Internal VP6 (Flash) Codec 'low merit' problem fixed.
* Some DTS audio playback problem fixed(libdts.dll).
* Can't search 'WMVideo Decoder DMO' problem fixed(Windows Vista).
* Set [External Audio Decoder] to default MP3 codec 'MP3 Decoder DMO' instead of 'MPEG Layer3 Decoder' (Windows Vista).
* Audio Stream Selection Menu bug among more than two voices fixed.
* MediaInfo Library updated(

KMPlayer Open Alum Art 1.0
KMPlayer “Open Album Art” now allows users to simply click on the preview of video thumbnail on KMP’s main page for a better appreciation of the video. Moreover, once having watched the video, the user can delete the video by clicking on the [delete] button.

“Open Album Art” also provides remote control and a wireless keyboard. The new era has come for KMPlayer’s HTPC (Home Theater PC) users or that of TV-OUT users to watch videos via “Open Album Art” with a more comfortable service in a more amicable environment.

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