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KeePass Password Safe 1.08  Änderung der Registrierung

Changes from 1.07 to 1.08:

New Features:

  • Completely new password generator; it now supports saving options as profiles, password generation based on patterns, more options (excluding look-alike characters, ...).
  • Added ability to configure the settings of passwords that are automatically generated for new entries (open password generator, choose the correct profile, edit and save it).
  • Added option to use the local date/time format instead of ISO notation (see \'Tools\' -> \'Options\' -> \'Advanced\'); it\'s enabled by default.
  • Added \'--exit-all\' command line parameter; call KeePass.exe with this parameter to close all other open KeePass instances (if you do not wish to see the \'Save?\' confirmation dialog, enable the \'Automatically save database on exit\' option).
  • Added support for silent installation.

Improvements / Changes:

  • Improved \'Enter Password\' dialog (more compact, replaced the hyperlink by a button, improved texts and descriptions).
  • The database name is now shown in the title of the \'Enter Password\' window.
  • KeePass now shows a warning if it cannot find a database that has been specified using the command line.
  • The XML import plugin now supports special characters.
  • Newline characters are encoded now in XML exports.
  • Pressing the \'Enter\' key in the password list now opens the currently selected entry for editing.
  • Changing the database master key now requires unsafe operations permission.
  • Added support for auto-typing the following characters in US International mode: \' \" ´ ` ~.
  • The banner of the \'Edit Entry\' dialog is hidden now if the screen resolution is very low (640x480 or lower).
  • New entries now by default get the icons of their container groups, if the icons do not look like folders.
  • Changed tab order in various places to the more obvious \'left to right, then top to bottom\' pattern.
  • The clipboard is now also cleared on KeePass exit when the enhanced clipboard protection option is enabled.
  • The quick-find box now has the focus after opening a database.
  • Added Spanish language for installer.
  • Improved internal random number generation interface.
  • Updated file format documentation (thanks to Naomaru Itoi).
  • Updated CHM documentation file.


  • Auto-Type now selects the correct sequence when multiple entries match the current window and multiple sequence/window pairs are specified (thanks to ThierryP for the patch).
  • The expiration time column menu item in the columns context menu is translated correctly now.
  • Entry details view is now cleared after deleting entries.
  • URL length is not limited any more.

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