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K Lite Codec Pack 2.8.9 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

K Lite Codec Pack 2.8.9  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Updated ffdshow to revison 1112
  • Added CoreAVC [version]
  • Removed LAME CLI/DLL
  • Removed LameDropXPd
  • Removed OggDropXPd
  • All three above are now available as separate installers
  • Removed MP3 Source
  • Removed ShoutCast Source
  • Removed FLAC filters
  • Removed Monkey's Audio filters
  • Added DC-Bass Source [version 1.00]. This filter replaces the above four removed audio filters. It additionally adds support for the following audio formats: True Audio (.tta), Alac (.alac) and Tracker (.mod .it .xm .umx. s3m .mtm .mo3).
  • Removed MMCompView
  • Updated MusePack decoder to version
  • Added RadLight OptimFROG audio decoder [version]
  • Added CDDA Reader [version]
  • Added CDXA Reader [version]

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