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Inno Setup 5.4.0


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Inno Setup 5.4.0  Änderung der Registrierung

* Compiler IDE changes:
- The editor component has been changed from SynEdit to Scintilla.
- Autocompletion support has been added to all sections except for [Messages], [CustomMessages], and [Code].
- Brace highlighting has been added to all sections.
- Syntax errors are now underlined during editing. (Support for the [Code] section is limited.)
- Constants are now highlighted.
- Variable-pitch fonts may now be selected as the editor font.
- ISPP inline directives ({#...}) are now consistently highlighted in all contexts.
- Zooming is now supported.
- Added new options: Word wrap (default: off), Auto indent mode (default: on), Show indentation guides (default: off), Invoke autocomplete automatically (default: on), Underline syntax errors (default: on), and Use tab character (default: off).

* Setup now instructs edit controls which are used to input a file or folder name to use AutoComplete to help complete file system paths.

* On disk space checks, Setup now queries the nearest volume mount point rather than the root.

* The default directory and Start Menu folder names specified via the /DIR=, /GROUP=, and /LOADINF= command line parameters now may include an "expand:" prefix which instructs Setup to expand any constants in the name. For example: /DIR="expand:{pf}\My Program".

* Pascal Scripting changes:
- TNewProgressBar: Added new Style and State properties. See the CodeClasses.iss example script for an example.
- TBitmapImage: Added new OnClick and OnDblClick properties. See the
CodeClasses.iss example script for an example.

* QuickStart Pack changes:
- All ISPP functions that take filenames have been changed to interpret the filenames as relative to SourcePath instead of the current directory with the exception of Exec, ReadIni, and WriteIni, as they already have their own established handling of relative filenames.
- ISPP directive #include no longer searches the current directory.

* Dropped Itanium-specific 64-bit support for the [Files] section's regtypelib flag and the [Registry] section's Permissions parameter. These features depended on an Itanium-specific "helper" binary, which we no longer have the ability to test or build. (x64 support for these features is unaffected.)

* Updated bzip2 library to version 1.0.6.

* Minor tweaks.

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