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Google Earth 5.1.3533


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Google Earth 5.1.3533  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Improved Startup Time. The improvement is most noticeable when users launch the Earth application multiple times.
  • Improved overall rendering performance. Changes include faster atmosphere rendering and using compressed textures whenever possible.
  • Improved Road rendering Performance: Frame rate at places with dense road networks is three times faster than in previous releases.
  • Improved memory utilization in the application.
  • Significantly smoother frame-rate and less stuttering in the application compared to previous releases.
  • Improved performance with large region based network link KML documents. Some of large KML documents are now processed and rendered at more than twice the speed of earlier releases.
  • Improved KML document handling performance. Large regionated KML Image overlays are up to 80% faster than previous releases.
  • Support for KML hint = moon or mars to switch to moon or mars based on kml document.
  • Availability of one installer that installs both the Google Earth application and browser plugin.
  • Desktop Application now works on Windows 7.
  • Users can set the memory cache size up to 1024 MB now.

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