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Gaim 2.7.4


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Gaim 2.7.4  Änderung der Registrierung

# General:
- Fix search path for Tk when compiling on Debian Squeeze. (#12465)
- purple-remote now expects and produces UTF-8. (Guillaume Brunerie)(#12049)
- Add Deutsche Telekom, Thawte Primary, and Go Daddy Class 2 root CAs (#12667, #12668, and #12594)
- Fix CVE-2010-3711 by properly validating return values from the purple_base64_decode() function before using them.
- Fix two local crash bugs by properly validating return values from the purple_base16_decode() function before using them.

# libpurple:
- Fall back to an ordinary request if a UI does not support showing a request with an icon. Fixes receiving MSN file transfer requests including a thumbnail in Finch. (#12561)
- Fix an invalid memory access when removing UPnP mappings that could cause sporadic crashes, most notably when MSN Direct Connections are enabled. (#12387)
- Add a sentence to the certificate warning for expired certificates suggesting the user check their computer's date and time. (#12654)

# Pidgin:
- Add support for the Gadu-Gadu protocol in the gevolution plugin to provide Evolution integration with contacts with GG IDs. (#10709)
- Remap the "Set User Mood" shortcut to Control-D, which does not conflict with the previous shortcut for Get Buddy Info on the selected buddy.
- Add a plugin action menu (under Tools) for the Voice and Video Settings plugin.
- Use GRegex for the debug window where available. This brings regex filtering to the debug window on Windows. (Eion Robb) (#12601)
- Add Google Chrome to the list of possible browsers on non-Windows systems.
- Add Chromium to the list of possible browsers on non-Windows systems.
- The "Manual" browser option is now stored as a string. It is no longer necessary to specify a full path to the browser command. (Rodrigo Tobar Carrizo) (#12024)
- The Send To menu can now be used if the active account in the conversation becomes disabled or inactive. (Keith Moyer) (#12471)
- xdg-open is now the default browser for new users on non-Windows platforms. (Stanislav Brabec) (#12505)

# Finch:
- Add support for drop-down account options (like the SILC cipher and HMAC options or the QQ protocol version).

- Unify the connection security-related settings into one dropdown.
- Fix a crash when multiple accounts are simultaneously performing SASL authentication when built with Cyrus SASL support. (thanks to Jan Kaluza) (#11560)
- Restore the ability to connect to XMPP servers that do not offer Stream ID. (#12331)
- Added support for using Google's relay servers when making voice and video calls to Google clients.
- Fix detecting file transfer proxies advertised by the server.
- Advertise support for Google Talk's JID Domain Discovery extension in all cases again (changed in 2.7.0), not just when the domain is "" or "" (it's also needed for Google Talk used for accounts on arbitrary domains not using Google Apps for Your Domain). (#a14153)
- Improved handling of adding oneself to your buddy list when using Non-SASL (legacy) authentication. (#12499)
- Generate a connection error instead of just stalling when the _xmppconnect TXT record returns results, but none of them result in a valid BOSH URI. (#a14367, #12744)

# Yahoo/Yahoo JAPAN:
- Stop doing unnecessary lookups of certain alias information. This solves deadlocks when a given Yahoo account has a ridiculously large (>500 buddies) list and may improve login speed for those on slow connections. (#12532)
- Fix sending SMS messages. The lookup host changed on us. (Thanks to todo) (#12688).
- Improvements for some file transfer scenarios, but not all.

# Windows:
- Bonjour support now requires Apple Bonjour Print Services version 2.0.0 or newer (

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