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Foobar2000 0.9.5


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Foobar2000 0.9.5  Änderung der Registrierung

  • New Default User Interface:
    • Allows embedding of Album List and other components in the main window.
    • Quick setup dialog on first startup allowing easy UI customization.
    • Theme import/export support for transferring appearance-related settings easily.
    • Built-in playlist view supports columns and grouping.
    • New Playlist Search dialog.
    • Embedded album art support.
    • New built-in spectrum visualisation.
  • New Album List component:
    • Updates automatically with Media Library content changes (“Refresh” command no longer needed).
    • Embeddable in the main window.
    • Supports direct creation of autoplaylists from Album List tree branches.
  • Properties dialog improvements:
    • New commands: “Format from Other Fields”, “Capitalize”, “Clean Up”.
    • Improved “Automatically Fill Values” functionality.
    • Improved Windows Clipboard interaction - now you can use copy/paste to transfer values between fields or between different sets of tracks.
  • Converter component improvements:
    • Replaced “show output directory when done” functionality with a new dialog showing a list of created tracks.
    • Built-in support for writing AU/SND and AIFF files.
    • Updated FLAC support - FLAC encoding now requires FLAC encoder 1.2.0 or newer.
    • Improved handling of hung command-line encoder processes.
  • Audio format decoding updates:
    • Updated libFLAC to 1.2.1.
    • Rewritten support for AU/SND and AIFF audio formats.
  • New “File Operations” component, for moving, copying and deleting audio files.
  • Old Masstagger component no longer included with the installer (available for download separately).
  • Windows XP or newer is now required.

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