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Emsisoft Anti-Malware  Änderung der Registrierung

# Scanner:
* Completely re-written dual scan engine framework for multi-core optimizations.
* 450% speed improvement on average – with the same things being scanned.
* Advanced caching for self optimizing scans – it gets faster with every scan.
* New direct disk access scan mode for better rootkit detection (TDL-3, ZeroAccess, TDL-4, Sinowal).
* Changed scan presets – added Rootkit scan, excluded Cookie scan.
* Improved false positive handling.
* Desired actions to be taken on scan completion can be set before the scan now, too.
* The postfixes of infections were changed to !E1 and !E2.
* New animation during active scans.
* User interface simplifications for better usability.
* Added loading scan engine animation in security setup wizard.
* Missed scheduled scans can optionally be run on next program startup.
# Realtime protection:
* Significantly reduced performance impact of the file guard with smart caching.
* Optimizations to strongly speed up the boot process.
* Reduced false positives in real world use due to internal rating system.
* File guard file extensions list can now be reset to defaults.
* Internal and custom host blocker rules can be viewed more conveniently now.
* Re-organized the guard tray icon menu to provide quick access to common features.
# Licensing:
* User accounts are no longer required. Switched to a simple key-based system.
* Simplifications in license dialogs.
* New referral rewards program to obtain a full version license for free by referring new users.
* Get 1 month for free by referring another 1 month trial user.
* Get 6 months for free by referring a buying customer.
* New long term customer bonus program – renewals get 5% cheaper every year.
* Improved notification when license is about to expire soon.
* Each license is limited to use on one computer now.
# General:
* Settings can now be exported and imported by category.
* Added security prompts to confirm final deletion of files, rules or logs.
* Added newsletter subscription link in news area.
* Improved update system for greater stability of online updates.
* No more use of the registry to store settings – using ini files now.
* Code cleanup and improvements to avoid potential crashes and hangs.
* Simplified the setup process significantly.
* Removed the trojan horse animation.

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