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DC++ 0.69


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DC++ 0.69  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Small linux / old gcc fixes (thanks jens oknelid)
  • Fixed an issue where client could be crashed from remote
  • Fixed an issue bad nicks could cause directories to be created in log / file list download folder
  • Changed autodrop default to 2 for fewer unexpected autodrops (thanks paka)
  • Saved users file more often to have fewer missing nicks around
  • CID of user shown if nick is missing (in queue for example)
  • Added display of CID in a few places
  • Updated yaSSL to 1.2.2
  • Fixed ADC hubname display (thanks ullner)
  • Advanced TTH rollback no longer performed if tree is invalid (thanks garg)
  • Option not to auto-disconnect favorite users (thanks ullner)
  • Fixed auto-disconnect delay (thanks ullner)
  • Another fix for opencow
  • Fixed user command parameters not being remembered
  • Fixed ADC op commands
  • [B#464] Added option for masked password prompt (thanks ullner)
  • [B#922] Updated help links (thanks xan)
  • Fixed op count
  • [B#230] Added settings to tray menu
  • [B#403] Unfinished file lists deleted since they\'re never resumed anyway
  • [B#639] Separated remove user from queue menu option
  • [B#766] Fixed broken app titlebar
  • Removed support for generating NMDC-style file lists (old clients won\'t be able to download from you)

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