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CloneDVD  Änderung der Registrierung

  • updated writedvd.dll, elbycdio.sys and elbycdio.dll
  • fixed problem with Firefox showing up in minimised state
  • chapter trimmer is enabled even when preview is not
  • fixed issues with Plextor drives
  • changed appearance of output size selector
  • fixed autorun suppression (was not working when dialogs were active)
  • automatically eject if source and target drives are the same
  • changed layout behavior of title preview
  • changed CSS protection text
  • new: implemented \'successful\' sound
  • new: message to inform users about invalid blocks
  • new: system sounds when question, warning and critical dialogs appear
  • new: pause/resume while transcoding
  • new: retry on read errors while transcoding
  • new: Macrovision detection and dialog
  • fixed: file system error detection
  • improved: handling of writedvd.dll errors
  • new: support for 6x and 12x speed
  • fixed logfile save/save as behavior (asks for overwrite and more)
  • changed help texts
  • extended error handling in title selection and preview
  • reworked all dialogs and extended error messages with useful tips and of course sheep
  • new: support and display of system generated error strings
  • new: don\'t try to load video files from VIDEO_TS folder if it doesn\'t exist
  • click on left mousebutton switches between logo and about page
  • new: preferences overlay
  • about-box/welcome box flip-scroll-mechanism

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