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Azureus  Änderung der Registrierung

  • Config View has been redesigned
  • When resuming a torrent with already allocated files (but not all), files will be checked, instead of assuming all were new
  • You can now change the tracker URL again (new URL added to the list of tracker(s))
  • More control over auto-seeding
  • Minimum upload speed is now 5kB/s

Corrected bugs:

  • Better socket closing
  • Multi-Tracker is corrected

New Features:

  • Make Torrent wizard fully functional
  • New Configuration Wizard
  • IP Filtering added (filters files will be downloadable soon from this site, see FAQ
  • Torrents are now stored in a directory (which you can choose)
  • Added a confirmation popup when stopping a torrent which share ratio is lower than 1 (you can turn it off via config)
  • You can delete torrent / data or both when removing a torrent from azureus

Internationalisation: Bulgarian

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