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Alcohol 120  Änderung der Registrierung

- NEW SPTD driver version 1.35.
- NEW Full Windows Vista RC2 (Build 5744) compatibility 32Bit and 64Bit editions.
- NEW RMPS V2, a totally new generation of our RMPS feature
- NEW Option to install Alcohol with or without Virtual drive function.
- NEW EWSS (Enhanced Weak Sector Scanner).
- NEW. Shell Context Menu support in all x64 platforms. (XP, Windows Server 2003 and Vista RC2).

- UPDATE Shell Context Menu to sort drive list by drive letter, and single menu item when only one virtual drive is installed.
- UPDATE Alcohols Sector Viewer in CD/DVD Manager, now provides more detailed information for DVD.
- UPDATE Alcohol data type profiles.
- UPDATE "Ignore Media Type" Function; to include DVD media.
- UPDATE. Alcohols help files
- UPDATE Language Translations
- UPDATE Alcohols Virtual Drive engine.
- UPDATE Alcohols write engine
- UPDATE Alcohols read engine

- FIX Missing installed device drivers list in Alcohols system report for X64 platforms.
- FIX "Invalid User Buffer." Error, that affected some systems.
- FIX. Minor bugs reported by users.
- FIX Problem related to U3 USB if RMPS function was active
- FIX Problem related to Acronis True Image issue
- FIX Problem related to Mac Drive issue

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