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ACDSee 12.0.342


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ACDSee 12.0.342  Änderung der Registrierung

# Intuitive interface

Stay on top of your entire photo collection with ACDSee Photo Manager 12. The newly refined interface is now even more intuitive, helping you easily navigate between organizing, viewing, editing and sharing your photos. Quickly find the tools you need in four simple groups:
* Organize, find and publish your photos in Manage mode.
* Display and examine images at full size, at any magnification in View mode.
* Fix and fine-tune with easy to use tools in Edit mode.
* Store and share your photos through your free online account in Online mode.

# Works on Windows 7

Enjoy support for Windows® 7. ACDSee 12’s interface, including dialog boxes, is optimized for use on netbooks with resolutions of 1024x600 and better.

# Easier to organize

* Tag your best shots
Visual tagging is a quick and easy way to identify your best photos for further review, editing or sharing, without physically moving them into different folders. Simply check the corner of any photo to tag it, then display all your tagged shots with a single click.
* Identify edited images
Work faster with your edited photos. They now display an E symbol so you can quickly identify them at a glance. You can also group, sort and search for the images you have modified.

# Easier to edit

* Color your world
Get the best color possible with ACDSee 12's improved saturation tool for rich, true-to-life representation.
* Bring out your inner artist
Add the wow factor to your photos. Use ACDSee 12's enhanced Selections tool to isolate a specific area for editing and artistic touches. Play with color, adjust lighting, or apply a creative effect.
* Put the focus on your photos
Add clarity to your images with the improved Noise Reduction tool. Two new adjustment sliders fix luminance and color noise while preserving image sharpness.

# Easier to share

* Share and safeguard your photos
Showcase and protect your photos on the web. Simply drag and drop files from ACDSee 12 to your own online space on Your free account includes 2 GB of storage space.* Keep your images organized online as you do on your desktop with the same folder names and structure.
* Upload through FTP
Transferring images using an FTP server? You’ll like the new FTP Uploader in ACDSee 12. Create and manage FTP profiles and easily resize your images as you upload directly from ACDSee, saving having to create a new, resized copy to send.

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