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a-squared Free Beta  Änderung der Registrierung

- Non admin support: The scanner can be run with limited rights now, but it is still capable of scanning all folders on the disk, because the scan functionality was moved to a Windows Service that runs with system rights.
- Vista support: a-squared Free now runs also on Vista 32 and Vista 64. Important note for Vista users: If you install the version 2.1 setup, you have to run a-squared Free with admin rights (Right click - Run as admin). Otherwise the updater will not be able to update to version 3.0 beta!
- Decreased memory consumption: The average RAM usage has been decreased for about 50%!
- New Anti-Malware Network: Detected heuristic files can be sent to the Anti-Malware Network for further analysis. This helps us to improve the scanner quality with the power of heuristics. False alerts can be quickly fixed and signatures for new malware can be provided much faster. You can choose to automatically deliver detected heuristic files (only heuristic files) at the update process, or manually transfer files via the quarantine. If you have a question to a specific file, you can enter a message and contact details to get a reply with a file analysis.
- Extended cookie scan: The new scanner scans all user accounts for Tracking Cookies instead of only the current user account.
- Extended Quarantine: Files can be manually added to the quarantine. Quarantined files can be saved to a specific folder, e.g. to send them by email, as zipped secured file.

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